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Why Warhol?

An unlikely, yet, possibly seemingly person. . .. Although, Not particularly much of . . . Anything. At first glance. A wig? Odd hair? Odd glasses? Eccentric? Soft Spoken? So why? Why and how did Andy Warhol come to change the landscape of Fine Art, and ultimately define what Pop Art is? Sure, there is Lichtenstein. Jasper Johns . . . Robert Rauschenberg . . . And I'm sure . . . Others. But, let's be honest . . .... Did any of these OTHER artists get you off? When you saw art, and did your own bit of recon (because you were now newly minted into the art world) did any of these other artists get you off? In the pleasure zone? I doubt it. Lichtenstein. Sure. He had his own bit going on. But invariably, like EVERYONE, you landed on Warhol. His prints. His images . . . Etc.

This is a true art question. One that deserves more characters than I've personally allotted for this post. But I will say this:


Andy Warhol Changed me. Maybe he changed you. He changed my perception of art. In his own words:


"Art is anything you can get away with."

- andy warhol


I believe there is a bit of "tongue and cheek" in his own words, albeit less than we'd like. Warhol came to define (to it's bones) what POP ART is. So, in essence, he could say whatever he wanted. . .  .and then you'd see a Marilyn. Or a seemingly obtuse soup can. . .. Or a Mao. And before you knew it, you were seduced. The repetition. The unlikeliness. The thing you can't put your finger on. . .. In Hollywood, they call it he "it Factor." Maybe you have no words. And that's ok. A meritocracy has spoken (in the form of currency.) Andy has 2 of the top 20 most expensive art pieces to date. Oddly, the "Silver Car Crash" seems to be his most expensive (could be the 2 Elvis’s but it depends on how/what you google.) Admittedly, "Silver Car Crash is not my favorite, but who cares what I think. Maybe the elusive buyer intrinsically knew more than I.... I rationalize he/she's an extremely sophisticated buyer.


All I can do, as an artist, is, sometimes, pay a bit of homage. . .. So here is James Dean. My version. With a touch of Warhol.


james dean wall art

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