Who likes pirate ships?

pirate ship stencil art

A Word from Surj

In the final throws of cutting this six-layer stencil. This is a commission piece for a good friend of mine who likes pirate ships. This has been an undertaking, given the size (36"x30".) This will also be the first canvas that is 100% stencils (which means LOTS of cuts!) I utilize stencils in various ways, but typically as a main graphic or for texturizing. This is NEW, and I'm excited to spray this bad mother lover. I'll be using Montana Gold as a the medium on wood panel. Hard to beat Montana Gold when it comes to spray paints.

yves klein blue pantone


There's Ultramarine, and, well. . .. There is every other color. 


When embarking on a large canvas (currently starting a 4-foot by 5-foot acrylic on wood panel) it's always good to do a color test. 


I have a strong vision for my canvas, which will pay homage to Yves Klein with the International Klein Blue juxtaposed with 24K gold Flakes. That, is just one part. However, given the size (Five FEET!), I was looking to see, you know, if I Could possibly dazzle up a sweet ass batch of IKB on my own, with my own raw materials. And by raw materials, I mean any latex, acrylic etc. paints I could find and/or mix--or really SLAP together like a gnarly gov't cheese sandwich. 


In short. . .. When it comes to the best color the world has ever seen, don't substitute. Don't get "creative." As per the title, there’s "ultramarine", and REALLY, there's everything else. 

yves klein blue pantone

Quick side note: 


I LOVE latex house paint. I Love it! I love the way it moves. I love the coverage, dry time etc. I'm also acutely aware of the pseudo stigma that some art snobs may Associate with it. Never mind Jackson Pollock is housed at MoMA of New York with his $150 million paintings. . .. Dripped with some of the original (LOW Quality) house paints du jour.  


So, here's me. 

yves klein blue pantone

Just some dude. Fucking around with a variety of mishmash latex and acrylic paints. So, what do I do? Well, given it's 3 am-ISH, I, well, I start mixing. On a mission to create my own Yves Klein Blue! 




Fuck that. 


It was superfluous. Sort of. 


In short, some of learning and making quality (ANYTHING) involves what not to do. At 3 am, what NOT to do is trying to re-invent the Ultramarine Blue wheel. There is only one. My Magenta/Fuchsia/Hot Pink infused "Flashy Sapphire" Blue just wasn't going to cut the mustard. I tried. 


 Below, you can see the results. Not realizing I had a small 2 oz. bit of Ultramarine, I started with some latex and began adding . . .. Whatever. Hot pink, bubble gum pink. . .. Eventually the law of diminishing returns kicked it. And by "eventually" I mean about 2 different blue varieties. And I was sunk. 


The whole point of this, ultimately exercise in futility, was to see the juxtaposition of the blue I was trying to find. All Whilst I had a small, sparing bit all along. Also, I'm not British, "whilst" just felt good. I probably need to listen to less podcasts. 


But I digress. 


Long story LONG. . . . Below are my sweet ass test results. You can see my "Flashy Sapphire" on the far right of the spectrum. As pan to the left, I begin to mix a medley of pinks. Ultimately, I found the motherload (blower remix!) ULTRA (Dramatic Voice) Marine!


The little bit of Ultramarine is on smeared on the left. It is punchy, beautiful, flat (matte), and is ready to CRUSH on my 5-foot canvas! 


I slathered some reds and pinks just to see how truly “good looking" the Blue was. . .. Look at the pics. You be the judge. 

yves klein blue pantone

Thank you for reading to the end. This painting, for all intents and purposes, IS TRULY the largest, most ambitious "canvas" project I've worked on to date. Stay tuned, and I hope you will DIG

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