Triple Robocop

For some reason, maybe it's a futurist thing, but I'm increasingly drawn to robots and the imagery of robots. Ex Machina was one of my favorite movies of 2014. Ava, the robot pseudo-heroine was naive, robot smart (i.e. Genius), vulnerable and yes, attractive.

To me, it's real. Robots are REAL. It doesn't take much of an imagination anymore to realize the potential that is on the very near horizon. We already have Siri, Alexa, self-driving cars, and on. . ..

The more we live, the more I live, the more I'm seeing what is going to be real from the movies of the past. 'Minority Repot' for some reason continues to be what I perceive to be, an accurate prediction of the future. The computer monitors, hand movements. . .. This was ALL before IPhones, IPads etc. And now, in many ways we are doing exactly same movements, hand motions, swapping screens, pinching, expanding to scale or to zoom. . .. This, as I said IS REAL. Even the cars in Minority report and the transportation system is not unfathomable or unforeseeable. Although I think we are closer to the computers and monitors of MR than the transport.

Triple Robocop Rbp,  Robot Silkscreen Art, Andy Warhol Pop Art Homage

The Matrix will also, forever have a stronghold in what the future holds. admittedly, I waited for that Nokia phone that snapped out! So, cool. . .. And yet, it never came to fruition. Instead, we got EVEN better, more powerful phones in 2017. However, being able to live virtually is coming. . .. In a Matrix style way. Hopefully, we will be privy to it, and not have a complete and hostile takeover of the Robots. Although, again, who the F*** knows!?

I'm more of a believer that we will have a more symbiotic relationship, in that we will ultimately be part robot, and closer to immortality.  Similar to Robocop. Now that's FIRE!


robocop art by surj

But I digress.

As a modern artist, I dabble in many mediums including digital (where I started.) And hence, I've had a compelling interest and pull in art that features robots. . . .and who was more badass than Robocop? The original? Ok, Terminator is pretty FIRE! I suppose it's a tossup?

Stencil graffiti by American street artist
Stencil by American street artist Surj

In this piece, the overlapping images coupled with the opacity gives it a "strobe" effect. . . Ala Andy Warhol's Double Elvis. Someday, it will also sell for $37 million! In the interim, you can pick up a museum quality canvas print or a dope Coffee mug!

Thanks for reading!

Peace, love, and Asscheeks!

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